Chilkoot Trail
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We would love to show you the Yukon!

Avoid Bushwhackers, Claim Jumpers and Confidence Men.  Bring your passports and your cameras!
We are the small company that intends to stay that way.

Taste the true experience of the Klondike Gold Rush with the premier Local Tour Guide. We have 30 years of experience and many satisfied customers.  We are the only guides in the area that will only charge for a successful tour.  We collect at the end of the Tour to ensure your satisfaction. We don't want your credit card. Cash or checks only, virtual handshakes are how we roll! Contact the Bookie (Kathy) at dyeadave@msn.com.

Company Profile

Dyea Dave is a 30-year local resident. Dave has a background in commercial archaeology and is very well versed in the Local Gold Rush History. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured in both the United States and Canada for your security.  We are members of the Chamber of Commerce, local Fraternal Organizations and enjoy a wonderful relationship with the White Pass & Yukon Rail Road.

We offer: Tours, information, education and a real taste of the local and historic flavor. It's the real deal for real people. We still believe in the old-time handshake and only hold deposits for groups numbering over 6.  We also DO NOT accept credit cards. Cash or checks only please.


Our buses are easily accessible and you will be given a great tour. Our most popular tour is The Emerald Lake Tour from 8am to around 4pm, which stops many times for photos and once for lunch at a restaurant. You must bring your PASSPORT for our tours. Check out this and other tours on the Tour Info page.


If you get Dave, that's great! He's almost as good as the drivers he's hired!


To make reservations, please see the Tour Info page.